If you’re homeless, or even if you’re a risk of homelessness, get in touch straight away with the homeless team for your Local Authority (The Council). If you’re from Conwy, this would be Conwy Housing Solutions, contact details here. If you’re from Denbighshire, you would contact the Homeless Prevention Team, contact details here.

Get together any important documents, ID, tenancy agreements (if you had one)… Have a look at this great checklist by Shelter Cymru for young people who have had to leave home in a hurry. Gives you an idea of all the things you’d need to think about if you were in that situation

Start thinking about how going to pay for accommodation. Are you working? Have you looked into if you’re entitled to any support through benefits to help you pay for accommodation?

For information and advice about benefits have a look at our page here, and contact details for local Jobcentres and Housing Benefit Departments are here