Interview – You will have a chat with a Housing Officer about your situation and discuss possible solutions

Mediation – It might be that mediation services can help work through the any issues so that you are able to stay (but only where it would be appropriate to do this)

Emergency Accommodation – Depending on your circumstances, you may be provided with emergency accommodation (this is likely to be an overnight stay in lodgings or at a crash pad facility)

Support to find more permanent accommodation – A plan will be made with you to help you move to more permanent accommodation. This is most likely to be shared accommodation (see below for more info)

You will have to engage in ‘Pre Tenancy’ training or be in employment before you are offered a permanent place to live by the Council.

It’s really important that you cooperate with plans designed to help relieve your homelessness, it’s an expectation the Council will have if they are to continue helping you.