Buying a property is a big financial commitment. Unless you have the money to buy a property outright (i.e. pay for it in full) then you will need to get a mortgage (a loan) to pay for it. Most Mortgage providers (i.e. a bank) will ask you for a deposit to put towards the property you want to buy. They will also want to check you can afford to make payments each month. So usually this means that to buy a house/ get a mortgage, you’re going to need savings (often 10% of the house’s worth) and regular, secure employment.


  • Lots of choice in most areas, although prices will vary depending on location & size
  • Most secure housing as long as mortgage is paid
  • More freedom to do what you want with the property and can often rent room out for additional income


  • Need regular income and a deposit to be considered for a mortgage, and how much mortgage you can get will depend on your income
  • As the owner you’re responsible for all the repairs and anything that does wrong with the property
  • Often have to go through an estate agent and solicitor who will charge fees

Help to buy

There are a number of schemes to help people in North Wales purchase a property including Help to Buy, Rent to Own, Shared Ownership and Homebuy. Eligibility criteria and different types of schemes can be confusing, but there is a fantastic website called Tai Teg, where you can get all the information you need and register online. We highly recommend you visit the website and find out more if you’re interested in buying your own home