With this type of housing, a company or organisation is your Landlord. It could be a Housing Association, aka a Social Landlord, or your local Council.


Rents are usually lower than in Private Rented

The length of your tenancy is much longer, even on starter/ introductory tenancies

Most Councils and Housing Associations won’t ask for a deposit upfront

Most can provide additional support for their tenants if they need it


You would have to apply for this type of housing, and go onto a waiting list. Applicants are put into ‘bands’ of priority, and depending on your circumstances, if you’re in a lower band, your wait will be much longer than those in higher bands.

There a fewer types of housing available, such as one bedroom flats & sometimes very few places available in certain areas

There are very few house sharing options in this type of Housing

How to get a Housing Association or Council Housing Property

In Conwy & Denbighshire, you just have to apply once through SARTH (Single Access Route To Housing). SARTH is a single point of contact for all social housing options in your County. You will have a Housing Options interview to see what is the best option for you based on your circumstances. It’s really important to keep in mind that Social Housing/ Housing Association Property are in high demand. This can mean a lack of availability or choice, and very long waiting times, sometimes years, for a suitable property.

If you’re in Conwy, contact Conwy Housing Solutions or call 0300 124 0050

If you’re in Denbighshire email housingregister@denbighshire.gov.uk or call 01824 712911