Lodging is where you rent a room in a landlord’s home and share communal living space with her/him (eg the Kitchen & Bathroom etc.). Some lodgers get other things included in their agreement such as meals or cleaning/ laundry. The Landlord is often the homeowner, but they could sometimes be someone who is renting the property from the owner, and then subletting a room to you (for example if they are renting a whole home from a Housing Association and get permission to rent out a spare room to someone else)


  • Often very affordable rents with all bills included (gas, water, electric and internet)
  • Properties/ Room to rent often fully furnished, so a great option if you haven’t got your own furniture and household items yet


  • If you’re living in the Landlords home and share communal space/ facilities, you’ll have less rights than you would from a tenancy in your own name. For example, the Landlord only has to give ‘reasonable notice’ if they wanted you to leave, this could actually be a very short amount of time, depending on the circumstances and the Landlord.
  • Potentially a lack of privacy as your only ‘space’ will be the bedroom you rent, but this will totally depend on your Landlord and the set up of the home.


You can find this type of accommodation by looking in the local paper or on websites such as www.spareroom.co.uk  www.gumtree.com www.roombuddies.co.uk