Your Landlord here could be just one person, who you deal with directly, or through a lettings agency.


  • Usually much more choice (different types of housing such as flats, houses and in a variety of areas)
  • You don’t have to apply for private rented, you deal directly with the Landlord, or with their agent, so you can get moved in much quicker


  • The length of your tenancy is often shorter, i.e., you might only get an agreement/ contract to rent the property for 6 months at a time.
  • The rents are usually more expensive
  • You will need to pay at least one month’s rent in advance, and a deposit. If you’re going through a lettings agent, you may also have to pay fees for this, for things like credit checks.
  • Most Landlords will ask for references, which can be hard to provide if it’s your first house
  • Some Landlords will also ask for a guarantor (this is someone who will agree to pay the rent for you if you can’t/ don’t)

How to get a Private Rented property:

You can find this type of accommodation by looking in the local paper, websites such as or through a lettings agency such as HAWS,