This is where you might live in a larger house, but you just rent one of the bedrooms, and you usually share the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas with other people. Landlords who rent shared properties are usually Private Landlords and it is often the most affordable option for young people.


  • The rents are usually cheaper (as you’re only renting one room and sharing communal areas)
  • The rents can often include your utility bills (Gas, Electric, Water) and sometimes internet and Council Tax.


  • It’s unlikely you’ll have a choice of who you live with
  • If you live with the Landlord (i.e. if you’re a lodger and renting a room from the person who owns & also lives in the house) you have less rights (see our section on Lodging)


How to get a Shared property:

You can find this type of accommodation by looking in the local paper, websites such as or through a lettings agency such as HAWS,