As we said in the Housing Options section, Young People are more likely to experience difficulties finding somewhere safe and affordable to live.

There are a number of reasons for this, including

  • It’s very unlikely ( but not impossible) a Landlord will rent to some under 18
  • Many Landlords are put off renting to young people under the age of 25, especially those that are on benefits – they’re afraid of rent not being paid, anti-social behaviour and/ or damage to their property.
  • Young people when they first move out find it hard to get together enough money for rent in advance, a deposit, and all the household items and furniture they’ll need to move in
  • Young People, especially first time renters will find it hard to provide references, and then there are the credit checks!
  • Some Landlords will insist of young tenants having a guarantor – This is someone who will make a legally binding promise to pay for any rent or damage that the tenant doesn’t pay for

It’s not all doom and gloom though, young people do manage it. It’s just about being ready for the realities and knowing what your rights and responsibilities are

We do recommend you first start by budgeting your income against your outgoings, so you ‘ll know what you have to work with for rent, bills and food etc.