Shelter Cymru has some great factsheets and checklists to download and print off to help with you with deciding about a property you’re considering renting

Use this one when you have found somewhere and want to weigh up the pros and cons. Shelter Cymru’s Getting the right place checklist

Use this one when you go to view a property, it will help you with all the things you need to think about and give you ideas of questions you should be asking your future Landlord. Shelter Cymru’s Viewing a property checklist

If you move in, it’s good to take an inventory (make a list) of all the things in the property that belong to the Landlord (and especially make a note if anything is damaged) This is to protect yourself from being charged for anything going missing or that gets damaged. If you and the Landlord both sign it, it’s your proof of what the property was like when you moved in. Shelter Cymru’s Inventory

Also have a look at Shelter Cymru’s Leaving home checklist for a list of the basic things you may need when moving into your new accommodation.