Before signing a tenancy agreement, it’s absolutely essential you make sure that:

  • You know much your rent is, and that you can afford to pay it each month
  • You know where your deposit has gone, and the rules about what your landlord can take money out of it for
  • You’ve checked the details in your tenancy agreement are correct (your name, dates, the amount you’re agreeing to pay)
  • You know what is in your tenancy agreement. If you sign it, you’re saying you understand and agree. If you breach it, you can be evicted and it wont be a good enough excuse to say you didn’t know about something if you signed!
  • You have the Landlords contact details, phone number and address
  • If the Landlord has agreed to fix anything before moving in, get it confirmed in writing

If you’re worried about any of this, make sure you’ve had a good look at all the sections on the website, and have a look at the resources below

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