What are you rights, what do you need to do to make sure you don’t break it?!

In general, there’s 3 things Landords want from you, 3 simple things to keep your tenancy

  • Pay the Rent
  • No Anti-Social Behaviour
  • No Damage

Pretty simple, pay your rent on time, don’t upset the neighbours with unreasonable noise or mess (that includes from mates visiting you) and don’t wreck the property!

There will be other things in your tenancy agreement about things like pets, redecorating, who is responsible for certain types of repairs etc. But it pretty much comes back to those three things, money, behaviour and looking after the property.

For expert advice from Shelter Cymru on the legalities of different types of tenancy (so that is to do with length and security of the contract, how easy it would be to evict you, what the Landlord would have to do to evict you) then click here